Monday, March 16, 2009

Beauty find of the day--L'Oreal True Match

You've heard me get on my soapbox and talk about how 2/3 of women out there are neither cool nor warm in undertone, right? Most of you are neutral. Well, the good news is that cosmetic companies are realizing that, as well.

If you don't already know about L'Oreal's True Match foundations and mineral powders, then let me introduce you. They are magically priced, can be found at Wal Mart and drugstores, and they are all coordinated with letters and numbers that are easy to use.

They all start with either C for cool, N for neutral, or W for warm. They follow with a number from (1) lightest to (9 I think) darkest. Best of all, L'Oreal's foundations are lightweight and offer buildable coverage. I have personally used these foundations on Caucasian clients with ivory and beige skin tones, Hispanic clients of caramel and bronze coloring, and on African-American clients of deep bronze and mahogany tones. These shades blend well into the skin and are very natural looking.

Now, please come and see me first for your color consultation, so that we can determine if you are C, N, or W. Won't you?

Live in color!

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