Friday, May 22, 2009

Let's go tribal!

One of this spring's greatest trends has been the tribal, or global theme. How women interpret a trend, though, is based largely on their fashion personalities. Here we will show some examples of how 4 fashion personalities would interpret this tribal theme.

The Classic below---Classics will embrace a trend but keep the fit very tailored and not so trendy as to never wear the garment past a season or two. Classics are known for taking trends and incorporating them strategically. Here below you'll see that the silhouette of the dress is very classic, and the print is not overtly 'tribal.' It's just a touch of the trend. This dress can be worn for years to come!

Our next fashion personality demonstrated below is the Dramatic. Bold in her trend choices, she will take a trend and rock it from head to toe. The Dramatic is often accused of getting carried away and overaccessorizing, but no matter....she looks great doing it. It takes lots of confidence and attitude to pull off the avante-garde looks of a Dramatic. If this Dramatic were to wear a tribal print along with the bracelets, she'd be sure that the pattern were very colorful and graphic.

See below for our Natural fashion personality. The Natural woman prefers to keep everything simplified and comfortable. She shys away from most trends and will only take the look so far. This safari look below is about as 'global' as the Natural is willing to go. This is fine, as she prefers a more subtle, laid back approach to her fashion choices. About the only thing we'd get the Natural to add here would a small necklace with wooden (very tribal) beading.

The last fashion personality is our Romantic below. There are actually two types of Romantics, the Bohemian/Eclectic and the Feminine/Frilly. Their signature look is one that is windswept, flowing, ethereal, one-of-a-kind, and always feminine. We have selected a photo of the Bohemian/Eclectic fashion personality. Note the gypsy like quality of the dress, as well as its flowiness. It looks like something that could have been found from a vintage shop. Both types of Romantics embrace trends on their own terms, putting a unique spin on each and every outfit they wear.

Live in color!