Monday, July 19, 2010

Varying degrees of color

Do you know how many systems of color analysis exist today? I don't have the exact count, but there are well over 10 systems that I am aware of. Each system has something unique about it, yet not one is as comprehensive as it could be.

Color analysis is both an art and a science, and it continues to evolve year after year. It is not a perfected science, though. Back in the 1980s we had basic options of 4 seasons and 2 undertones. Now we have several variations on each season, and some color systems don't even use the seasonal matching concept.

Color analysts like myself do not typically invent the systems. We use them to do our analysis and are charged with the responsibility of choosing the most accurate system available to us. The system I use is state-of-the-art and is the most neatly packaged together system I've seen to date. It is called Sci\ART. I've been professionally certified on that system, and I use all Sci\ART color analysis tools and books of color for my clientele.

At the end of the day, most of my clients are not that interested in the science or technology behind color, though. They are only interested in what color can do for them. What colors make them look healthier, more stylish, younger, slimmer, etc.? What is their best or ideal color palette?

Well, you know what? I'm here to tell you that my view of color palettes has become much more lenient as the years go by. No longer do I believe that you only have certain colors you can wear. Yes, I offer you a book of your best 64 colors, but that's just it......those are your best, not ONLY, colors.

I now think of color on more of a sliding scale of favorability. We have your best 64 colors, then other colors that border them and are pretty good for you, and then we have colors that are your least flattering. There are no colors that you cannot wear. We color analysts are not the color police after all!

Your personal book of color is designed to be a guideline. If you find a color that matches your book precisely, then please buy it! It's ideal for you. If you find a color that looks as though it blends in with your color palette, then it will also look well on you. If you find a color that looks way off, then proceed with caution.
If you MUST have a color that is all wrong for you, then please accessorize around it with your best colors. Frankly, I wouldn't buy the color at all if I were you, because it won't blend well with your color palette. That's not me being the color police---I'm just stating my professional opinion as a color analyst!

Live in color!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where on earth is Color My Closet?

To all of our faithful blog followers:

We owe you a big apology! While Color My Closet has spent the last several months doing TV work, trying to build up our YouTube channel, writing articles for Associated Content, tweeting and "facebooking," we have abandoned you.

This summer we are taking time off to revamp our infrastructure.....meaning the look and feel of our website, our YouTube channel, etc. We are also on vacation for the entire month of July. You know it's good to take a break and recharge your creative batteries from time to time.

Here's what we'd like to ask you, our readers. What do you want us to blog about? You see, we specialize in all things color, but we also know a heck a lot about the world of style and fit. We dress people on a very regular basis and love doing it. We're always on the lookout for edgy, funky stuff that real women can actually wear.

Here's the deal, though.....we've run out of ideas because we are using them up on all of our other projects...just being honest, folks.

We need your help....please comment below and ask us some questions. We know you can help us keep this blog going.

Thanks in advance for your most probing questions. We love you.

Live in color!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Color from a Dude's Perspective: Real men wear pink...says Intern Allen

Real men wear pink! Being the macho man that I am….I was skeptical. I’m all about risk and putting myself out there, but pink seemed a little much for my outgoing personality. It seemed too feminine and didn’t enhance the mountain man of manliness that is me. I loved the quote “my face carries the burden of handsomeness every day” because—well, that’s how I feel! Could pink make me even more appealing to the opposite sex? How do you improve on awesomeness? Never one to settle for anything less than my best, I decided to research the color pink a little more.

So I decided to ask women what they thought about men in pink. The first thing that comes to mind with the color pink and men is that women believe these men have confidence and are comfortable in who they are. Score—1 point for pink. I love to exude confidence, and I am comfortable in who I am. Pink seemed like it could be the jelly to my peanut butter. As I continued to ask what women thought of men in pink, the answers were all positive. Pink is a great compliment to most skin tones, who knew? Pink also hints at a sensitive man. Hmm! A man who is confident and sensitive? What lady wouldn’t love that! Not only can pink let women know that I am confident, but it can also show my sensitivity to the world and those women in the world. Bam—2 points for pink!

Probably the best thing I heard about pink is that women love the color itself. And when a woman sees pink, she’s more than likely going to give pink on a gentleman a second glance. Believe me, I think love at first sight is awesome, but most of us need a few glances before we are hooked. Wearing pink may just give me a way into the door of a woman’s heart. Or at least give her the second look she needs to fall in love with me! It turned out that pink isn’t a color to be afraid of but embraced. Maybe if I embrace pink, it would lead to women embracing me!

Pink is a scary color for most of the male species, but used in the right way, it can be a crucial ally in the search for great manly fashion sense. It can turn the ordinary and meek man into a bold and confident one! It can bring life and color to the dullness that most men find in their wardrobes. It suggests to the world that as a man I am complete and a force with whom to be reckoned. Pink is a friend in color that can make your life pop! Men, just keep this in mind: Real men do wear pink!

Editor's Note: Hey there, is I, Lauren, with just a quick commentary on the image I inserted into this blog post. I wanted to find a manly man wearing pink. How about this photo of actor Dennis Haybert (known recently for his acting on the show The Unit)!! Look at how chic and confident he carries himself in pink...real men really DO wear pink!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Color from a Dude's Perspective: Intern Allen & his dreams of baby blue!

So as I spend more time with Lauren and Color my Closet, I’m being opened up to a whole new world. Still amazed that color could have such a huge effect on my appearance and feeling. That being said, I had to offer myself to the Color gods and see exactly what Lauren’s ideas were all about. So when she offered to do my color analysis, I was in for the adventure, albeit feeling a little nervous. And as Lauren sat me down in the chair with lights on in front of the mirror, I felt as bare as the day I was born. What had I gotten myself into? I have been in front of people in a Speedo and felt more comfortable than I did at that moment. Lauren explained that it wasn’t going to hurt….yeah right!! That’s what dentists say before they drill into your mouth.

And as I looked in the mirror while Lauren prepared to describe the different tones of color, several thoughts bounced in my head. My first thought was, “Oh yeah…I’m a good looking guy!” And then a scary thought popped into my head as she continued to explain the different seasons of color. Had I been wearing the wrong colored Speedo my whole life? Oh no, the wrong colored Speedo? That could have explained my dating drought. Then again, the fact that I feel comfortable in a Speedo could explain my dating drought.

I explained to Lauren what I thought was going to be my shade of color. Now I love bright colors, and of course since I love them, they must look good on me. She took notes, and told me she had her own ideas about my group of colors. Lauren then began to drape different colors over me. She explained very thoroughly what she was doing, comparing each color to the last one. She would scribble in her notepad.

Amazing, each color took a life of its own. Some colors would weigh on me and my face. Did I just get walloped with an ugly stick? What happened to the good looking guy in the mirror, and who was this guy posing as me? …. And other colors complimented me, danced with my face and my smile in unison. And every time I saw those colors on me, one thought popped into my head: Is it too late for me to get votes for People’s Sexiest man alive? I mean I looked good, and color was the key!

As Lauren finished comparing colors in her analysis, she explained that I was a True Summer. Not what I thought when I first sat down in the chair, but the colors seemed made for my face and smile. I told Lauren how I had a wedding (not mine) that I would be attending and the color analysis would help. One of the colors in my set that looks good is baby blue. Who knew? And guess what? My dream of wearing a baby blue tuxedo (with ruffles of course) would finally be realized. Life is good when you add color!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Macy's launches BRAND NEW Fashion Director Challenge--Daily $500 giveaway!!

My colorful friends:

Boy, do I have great news today! Macy's has officially launched their new Fashion Director Challenge website today. This means that you can tap into your creative minds, put together an innovative outfit online, have people vote for you, and you could win.........

a Macy's $500 gift card

How does it work?

1) Log onto

2) Read the style question of the day

3) Answer by selecting your own wardrobe solution from the many choices given. It's simple: cut and paste!

4) Submit your outfit and be SURE to share with friends & family.

5) The person with the most votes at the end of each day wins the $500 Macy's gift card.

In a conversation I had a few weeks ago with Milinda Martin, Macy's VP of Media Relations & Cause Marketing, she explained that the retailer wants people to tap into their playful, more creative side and have "fun with fashion."

It's all about playing with different options to create solutions that are both fashion savvy and representative of who you are.

The site is packed with plenty of options for outfit go and have fun, ladies!

Live in color,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Invitation to Houston VIP color event: Color My Closet, Macy's & Estee Lauder

Houston ladies,

Color My Closet is collaborating with Macy's & Estee Lauder on a VIP color event just for you. There are only 15 slots available, so please RSVP right away!

Dates: Friday, March 5 & Saturday, March 6

Location: Macy's Galleria at Sage, 2727 Sage Road, Houston TX 77056

RSVP required: 713-968-1914

Your VIP treatment includes:

*Mini color analysis by me to determine your undertone: cool, neutral or warm

*Expert match on foundation & concealer

*Selection of custom color palette & makeover

*Hair coloring & jewelry tips

There is a $50 minimum purchase for this appointment, and your free gift is included.

The 7-Piece Gift is INCLUDED with your Estēe Lauder purchase.

Gift includes: Choose your Color: Warm or cool shades of Pure Color Lipstick and an Eyeshadow Quad. Choose your Skincare: 7-Day supply of Soft Clean Cleanser and Time Zone Line and Wrinkle Reducing Crème SPF 15 or Perfectly Clean Cleanser and NEW Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Crème. Plus each Gift includes a Sumptuous Mascara in black and a chic lizard-pattern cosmetics bag and coin purse.

More FREE Gifts!

Spend $55.00 or more and get 4 professional makeup brushes in a sleek travel case!

And as a special BONUS receive a free 10-day supply of foundation that’s right for you.

Please join me for this fun & informative event!

Live in color,

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I cannot color analyze you at first sight...and here's why!

To continue our introduction from yesterday, we are discussing why I--the professionally trained color analyst--cannot simply look at a woman to determine her tone/season/color category.

Here are the top 5 reasons why this can't happen at first sight:

1) You color treat your hair. About 90% of you gals out there color treat your hair in some way. This means that you are altering the look of your skin just by shifting your natural hair color around. An accurate analysis requires that we cover your hair up with a neutral grey cap, so that the hair color doesn't interfere with the process.

2) You are wearing makeup when you ask me this question. Makeup is designed to mask imperfections and smooth out skin tone. We need to see the face without makeup in order to measure the different optical effects that various colors have on the skin.

3) The colors that you are wearing now alter the look of your skin completely, rendering it impossible to conclude anything definite regarding your color category. We do color analysis by asking you to first put on a neutral grey drape, or gown, to keep the focus purely on your face...and what various colored drapes do to the look of your skin.

4) We're sitting across from each other in a poorly lit room. The ONLY way to accurately analyze a person is in daylight, or full spectrum lighting (there are special lightbulbs for this purpose). This enables us to see the full variance of colors and better see their effects against the skin.

5) You use a self-tanner and thus alter the look of your own skin. Artificial self-tanners can render an analysis inaccurate, because they do not produce a natural, sun produced tan. We ask that you cease using self-tanners for at least one week prior to the color consultation.

I hope that this helps, and that folks don't get offended when I explain that I cannot color analyze them on the spot.

Live in color!


The 1 question people ask me the most......

Hello, colorful folks out there!!

Tomorrow I will cover a topic that I'd like to introduce you to right here. The # 1 most frequently asked question I receive is "What am I?", as in, "What season am I?".

It's an innocent question that seems reasonable to ask. Tomorrow we will uncover why any professional color analyst cannot answer this question on the spot.

I will be offering my top 5 responses to that question, explaining a bit more about the science of color along the way.

Live in color!

Skin color VS Skin undertone

So many people out there are confused as to how to classify their skin tone. What do we even mean by skin tone...and what do we mean by undertone?

To clarify, let's first distinguish between the two. Skin tone, or overtone, refers to the actual color of your skin. There are hundreds of variations on skin tone.

Undertone refers to whether you can wear cool, warm, or neutral colors. It has to do with how your skin reacts to certain colors, when those colors are placed next to the skin.

Colors that blend with your undertone bring out the best in your skin tone (color). In other words, your skin will look more polished, smooth, and rejuvenated in these colors. Color in the wrong undertone will visually accentuate any imperfections and/or create uneven skin tone.

When determining your color palette, it is essential to understand that it has everything to do with analyzing your undertone. I have personally seen women with ivory, rose beige, olive, bronze and ebony skin tones fall into the same cool undertone category. Yes, their skin tone/color varies tremendously, but they share the same undertone.

Please understand that color analysis has advanced so much that we are not only able to determine coolness, neutrality and warmth of undertone. We are also able to detect how neutral a person is.

The system I use, Sci\ART, contains 2 cool tones, 2 warm tones, and 8 neutral tones. The question then becomes: If I'm neutral, then what kind of neutral am I?

There are varying degrees of neutrality. You may be neutral but leaning more to the cool (blue) undertone, or leaning more to the warm (yellow) undertone. You may require lighter rather than darker colors, or softer rather than brighter colors.

The point is that there is a key difference between undertone and skin tone, and that lots of folks fall somewhere in between cool and warm undertones.

Please feel free to respond with any questions. I always enjoy feedback and interacting with readers here.

Live in color!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Color from a dude's perspective: Intern Allen

So as a dude I had to find out why color was important, and I started where any normal male would. I dumped my Crayolas out on the table as if they were chicken bones, hoping that the answers to the universe would appear. After all, these colors had dominated my childhood, and my childhood was pretty darn fun! There had to be a correlation, and obviously--just like chicken bones--the only thing that appeared was Crayons, not answers.

It turns out that my search for color insights required more research and data (I know, big surprise!). I looked to music and more specifically to one of my all-time favorite songs: Devil with a Blue Dress. This only fueled my curiosity. I mean, why did the devil wear blue, why not purple, yellow or gold? I had to do more research…

According to the experts at wikipedia, color is an important part of human expression. If that is the case, then the 1980s were full of people expressing themselves, though I'm just not sure what they were trying to say. I read further and found that the color of bed sheets could elevate mood. This piece of information could prove useful at a later date, so I’m keeping that in my back pocket. But I still had more questions than answers…

I looked further on the Internet and found that there was color theory. Whoa! Really? Now I know that gravity is a theory, as I had seen it in play at an early age--it kept me from my dreams of flying and being Superman. Heck, gravity still keeps me from my dreams of flying and being Superman. But color theory? Maybe that didn’t explain why I couldn’t fly, but it might explain why Superman wore BLUE tights with a RED cape.

I read more, and just like music, words, or even the ingredients of your favorite dish, colors can be used to make harmony or to make racket and noise. Used properly, color can be brought together to do a multitude of things, to lift your mood and energy, to make you slimmer, to make you look younger. Color is a tool. Maybe Crayola crayons had it right: when color is used properly, you can make beauty.

I thought to myself and wanted to apologize to every art teacher I ever had, for my coloring outside of the lines and scribbling until the crayons were dust. I never learned HOW to use color. Now I know why I got the grades I got in Art!

I should have embraced color, then maybe my Valentine cards would have been better received. Maybe all those junior high dances, if I had dressed in better colors, I wouldn’t have had to hold up the wall, but instead would have been showcasing my dance moves--moves that up to that point had only been shared with my bathroom mirror. On my journey to understanding why color is important, maybe I had missed the key to my own personal style. I needed help.

Color My Closet, please help me! I’m a drab caveman who needs some color in my life.

TRYING to live in color,
Intern Allen

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Q: Macy's, what have you done for me lately? A: A LOT..check it out!

Many of you know that I have a nice working relationship with Macy's, be it shooting TV spots or hosting events in their stores. Truth is, I pursued Macy's a few years back. They surely didn't pursue me...Macy's is busy, folks.

Why did I want to work with Macy's to begin with? It's simple: I had a good shopping experience there once I discovered a couple of my favorite brands: INC and Alfani. I learned how to break down the intimidating department store experience into more of a boutique experience..and in turn wanted to partner with Macy's for my business, Color My Closet.

2009 was a good year for Color My Closet and Macy's. We partnered on more projects and discussed further collaborations in 2010. I'm excited about this year!

What about you, the consumer? Why should YOU choose to do business with Macy's? As responsible consumers and business owners, lots of us like to do what I call "eco-ethical" business.

We look to buy products and services from vendors who are ecologically and/or ethically compatible with us and our values. They put their money where their mouth is, so to speak.

Well, here is our list of 10 ways that Macy's put their money where their mouth was in 2009 to make HUGE social impact. Thank you, Milinda Martin, Macy's VP of Media Relations and Cause Marketing, for pointing me in the right direction here!

1. $1 million donated to Make A Wish chapters through our holiday Believe

2. $750,000 donated to Feeding America for those using food banks,
through our Come Together campaign -- this equates to 10 million meals.

3. More than $6.5 million donated to Reading is Fundamental for
multicultural libraries and reading programs in Title 1 schools.

4. More than $6 million donated to the American Heart Assn for the Go Red
campaign, educating women on heart health, including their Por Tu Corazon
program for Latinas.

5. $1 million donated to the National Parks Foundation to protect our
natural treasures.

6. More than $16 million donated through the Macy's Foundation to
non-profits throughout the country -- these are smaller regional

7. More than $1 million donated to various HIV and AIDS organizations.

8. More than $1 million donated to Boys & Girls Clubs through our Thanks
for Sharing program.

9. More than $500,000 raised for local charities through our national
Shop For A Cause program.

10. More than $250,000 donated to the Family Violence Prevention Fund to
raise awareness of domestic violence.

This only scratches the surface of what Macy's has done for the research uncovered dozens of other initiatives from 2009. These are only the highlights!

Live in color!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Patricia Zohn on Walt Disney Animators (March 2010) Entertainment & Culture:

Patricia Zohn on Walt Disney Animators (March 2010) Entertainment & Culture:

I so enjoyed reading this article in my March 2010 Vanity Fair magazine, which came in the mail yesterday.

It chronicles the lives of several young women who were responsible for painting the beautiful colors into thousands of "cels", or sheets for filmmaking.

They worked relentlessly and put in at least 16-20 hour days for months at a time just to get the right colors of paint on characters like Mickey Mouse and Snow White.

Speaking of Snow White, they were able to make her otherwise dull black hair come alive with some highlights, and her cheeks were made rosy with a beautiful pink paint flush.

So much of what these ladies did is now digitized, but their artistic talent and precision deserve special accolades and were indeed prized by Walt Disney himself.

In fact, these full color animated pictures could not have been made possible without these colorful gals!

Live in color,

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Black and gold---Who Dat Nation!

Color My Closet owner and president Lauren Battistini was born and raised in New Orleans, so it is understandable that her latest YouTube video would be dedicated to a mini-analysis of the Saints' team colors: Black and Gold.

See the link:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Behind the scenes on our latest TV shoot

We've been enjoying a nice relationship with the good folks at ABC Live Well HD network's show Mirror/Mirror. This means that we pitch a lot of ideas to them, they ask us to present topics of their choice, etc.

Yesterday I was on location at Macy's Galleria on Sage to tape our 2 latest segments. Now, I cannot spill the beans on the details of the segments, as they have yet to air.

Let me say that each segment covers the topic of certain colors and how to wear them. We had the privilege of working with 5 fantastic models yesterday.

Karen is both stay-at-home mom and part-time business owner. Her industry is scrapbooking!

Amy is also a stay-at-home mom with a quick wit that tells me she may in fact be a member of the elite MENSA group (we'd have to ask her to verify :)...she was a kick to work with)

Vanessa is a student in Houston, Texas, and she is studying Fashion Merchandising if I recall correctly...

Jennifer works as an Assistant Manager of an upscale apartment high-rise in Houston. As our lone redhead on set, Jennifer made her modeling debut and now there's no turning back.

Shandolyn is a buddy of mine who has worked in various aspects of fashion, marketing and event promotions. She was rockin' out all of the looks we put on her.

Big thanks also to Andrea Bonner, stylist/owner of Style On Demand, for helping me behind the scenes.

And last---but never least---are my friends at Macy's. Not only did they provide all of the merchandise as well as locale, but they also provided beautiful gift bags and Macy's Money for my models. Thank you, MACY'S....we love you!

Live in color,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New intern Allen to begin blogging "Color from a Dude's Perspective"

Hey everyone of Color My Closet!

I’d like to introduce myself. I’m the new intern, Allen Salinas. Just to give you a little background on myself, I’m a 29 year old single male. I am a swim coach on a nationally recognized swim team in the Northwest Houston Area.

You may be asking yourself: Why would a young, very attractive hetero male like me get involved with Color My Closet? The answer is quite simple: the women of course! No, I’m just kidding, well only half kidding :).

Now, my knowledge of fashion and most specifically color is limited (I wear a red Speedo for goodness sake), but I am always eager to learn skills that may enhance my own worth to the opposite sex. Though I’m dashingly handsome, I hope to learn to use color to further enhance my image, as well as the image of that very necessary accessory on my arm—a girlfriend.

In my search for love, I hope to find a woman who is up with fashion, color, and style. If I for my part can help her out with these things, then I think she’d find me to be more than just a great face with a rockin’ bod.

So join me on my exploration of color and I’ll give you a dude’s perspective that can ultimately help all of us—male and female—on our individual style journeys.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why we do what we do

To my pals in the blogosphere:

2010 is a year for Color My Closet to truly define what we do and why we do it. We have always known what we are about, but this message is not always easy to convey in simple terms for everyone.

We believe first and foremost that every woman should have a color analysis, but why? The "why" is what potential clients want to know about.

Why color? Color analysis was popularized decades ago but lost its appeal somehow. People bored of hearing about the 4 color categories, or seasons. Like other trends, color came and went.

This generation of young women doesn't even know what color analysis is, much less why color is so important.

We witness some miraculous things every time we perform a color analysis on a client. This affirms what we know about color and its importance.

So after much rambling, here it is.....why color is so important:

1) You physically feel better in your best colors

2) People react more favorably to you when you are wearing them

3) You make a much better first impression on others when colors harmonize with skin

4) Knowing your colors simplifies your shopping (never again do you buy the wrong lipstick or shirt color)

5) Your skin looks glowing and smoothed in the right colors

6) The WRONG color can make you look 10 years older, and skin look sickly

7) The WRONG color can visually add 10-15 pounds

8) Teeth appear whiter in the right colors

9) Your eyes sparkle in your best colors

10) Your whole wardrobe mixes & matches perfectly when you know your color palette

11) Getting dressed in the morning becomes fun, not tedious

12) Everyone and his grandmother will give compliments when you wear your colors!

13) Studies show that color accounts for up to 90% of our total look

14) The science of color has evolved to include 12 (not just 4) color categories to more fully encompass the full range of skin tones found in all ethnicities

15) No amount of plastic surgery, skincare serums, or Botox can reverse the awful effects of wearing the wrong colors!

If you have any questions about color analysis, please email us at We are here to educate you on color and how valuable it is to your life and appearance.

Live in color!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Color My Closet mourns the untimely passing of our greatest mentor--Kathryn "Kitty" Kalisz

Dear blog friends & followers:

Thank you for tuning in. It is with deep grief and sadness that I write this evening, as my mentor and dear friend Kathryn "Kitty" Kalisz has suddenly passed away. More specifically, Kathryn's life was taken from her in a violent way.

Kathryn was founder of the company Sci\ART, the leader in the field of color analysis, education, training materials and supplies. Kathryn, together with her 3 grown daughters and 2 other staff members, ran the business.

I am especially sad to report that Kathryn's office manager Debbie's life was also taken, and that Kathryn's youngest daughter Manessa was shot, injured and is now recovering in the hospital. Yet another employee Amy was shot and has also been hospitalized.

I simply cannot focus on any other details of these deaths. It is too tragic and painful.

In this blog post, I want to let you all know who Kathryn was to me, and how much of an impact she has had on my work as a professional color analyst.

Kathryn trained me individually for both Color Analysis certification and an advanced course called Color Mixing & Matching. We formed a bond in that we were both entrepreneurs, had a strong love of color, and were mothers of 3 children (though Kathryn's girls are grown now).

Kathryn was not only my mentor, but certainly one of my biggest cheerleaders. I would lean on her not only for business advice but for emotional support in the ups and downs of running my own business.

The pain of not being able to pick up the phone right now to call Kathryn is almost unbearable. There's so much to tell much to catch up many things happening in our business that she'd be extremely proud of.

One thing brings me comfort, though. Kathryn's daughters Louanna, Suzie and Manessa plan to continue running the Sci\ART company once they've had time to heal and put together their plan of action. They all wish to carry on their mother's legacy.

I am deeply touched that Kathryn's last blog post was dedicated to the time she and I recently spent together on Color Mixing & Matching. When I learned of her death, I frantically searched for a photo of us together....something at least to hold onto.

Imagine my surprise when a fellow color analyst forwarded me this link to Kitty's last post:

My prayers go out to the Sci\ART family right now in the wake of these terrible losses of life.