Sunday, March 28, 2010

Color from a Dude's Perspective: Real men wear pink...says Intern Allen

Real men wear pink! Being the macho man that I am….I was skeptical. I’m all about risk and putting myself out there, but pink seemed a little much for my outgoing personality. It seemed too feminine and didn’t enhance the mountain man of manliness that is me. I loved the quote “my face carries the burden of handsomeness every day” because—well, that’s how I feel! Could pink make me even more appealing to the opposite sex? How do you improve on awesomeness? Never one to settle for anything less than my best, I decided to research the color pink a little more.

So I decided to ask women what they thought about men in pink. The first thing that comes to mind with the color pink and men is that women believe these men have confidence and are comfortable in who they are. Score—1 point for pink. I love to exude confidence, and I am comfortable in who I am. Pink seemed like it could be the jelly to my peanut butter. As I continued to ask what women thought of men in pink, the answers were all positive. Pink is a great compliment to most skin tones, who knew? Pink also hints at a sensitive man. Hmm! A man who is confident and sensitive? What lady wouldn’t love that! Not only can pink let women know that I am confident, but it can also show my sensitivity to the world and those women in the world. Bam—2 points for pink!

Probably the best thing I heard about pink is that women love the color itself. And when a woman sees pink, she’s more than likely going to give pink on a gentleman a second glance. Believe me, I think love at first sight is awesome, but most of us need a few glances before we are hooked. Wearing pink may just give me a way into the door of a woman’s heart. Or at least give her the second look she needs to fall in love with me! It turned out that pink isn’t a color to be afraid of but embraced. Maybe if I embrace pink, it would lead to women embracing me!

Pink is a scary color for most of the male species, but used in the right way, it can be a crucial ally in the search for great manly fashion sense. It can turn the ordinary and meek man into a bold and confident one! It can bring life and color to the dullness that most men find in their wardrobes. It suggests to the world that as a man I am complete and a force with whom to be reckoned. Pink is a friend in color that can make your life pop! Men, just keep this in mind: Real men do wear pink!

Editor's Note: Hey there, is I, Lauren, with just a quick commentary on the image I inserted into this blog post. I wanted to find a manly man wearing pink. How about this photo of actor Dennis Haybert (known recently for his acting on the show The Unit)!! Look at how chic and confident he carries himself in pink...real men really DO wear pink!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Color from a Dude's Perspective: Intern Allen & his dreams of baby blue!

So as I spend more time with Lauren and Color my Closet, I’m being opened up to a whole new world. Still amazed that color could have such a huge effect on my appearance and feeling. That being said, I had to offer myself to the Color gods and see exactly what Lauren’s ideas were all about. So when she offered to do my color analysis, I was in for the adventure, albeit feeling a little nervous. And as Lauren sat me down in the chair with lights on in front of the mirror, I felt as bare as the day I was born. What had I gotten myself into? I have been in front of people in a Speedo and felt more comfortable than I did at that moment. Lauren explained that it wasn’t going to hurt….yeah right!! That’s what dentists say before they drill into your mouth.

And as I looked in the mirror while Lauren prepared to describe the different tones of color, several thoughts bounced in my head. My first thought was, “Oh yeah…I’m a good looking guy!” And then a scary thought popped into my head as she continued to explain the different seasons of color. Had I been wearing the wrong colored Speedo my whole life? Oh no, the wrong colored Speedo? That could have explained my dating drought. Then again, the fact that I feel comfortable in a Speedo could explain my dating drought.

I explained to Lauren what I thought was going to be my shade of color. Now I love bright colors, and of course since I love them, they must look good on me. She took notes, and told me she had her own ideas about my group of colors. Lauren then began to drape different colors over me. She explained very thoroughly what she was doing, comparing each color to the last one. She would scribble in her notepad.

Amazing, each color took a life of its own. Some colors would weigh on me and my face. Did I just get walloped with an ugly stick? What happened to the good looking guy in the mirror, and who was this guy posing as me? …. And other colors complimented me, danced with my face and my smile in unison. And every time I saw those colors on me, one thought popped into my head: Is it too late for me to get votes for People’s Sexiest man alive? I mean I looked good, and color was the key!

As Lauren finished comparing colors in her analysis, she explained that I was a True Summer. Not what I thought when I first sat down in the chair, but the colors seemed made for my face and smile. I told Lauren how I had a wedding (not mine) that I would be attending and the color analysis would help. One of the colors in my set that looks good is baby blue. Who knew? And guess what? My dream of wearing a baby blue tuxedo (with ruffles of course) would finally be realized. Life is good when you add color!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Macy's launches BRAND NEW Fashion Director Challenge--Daily $500 giveaway!!

My colorful friends:

Boy, do I have great news today! Macy's has officially launched their new Fashion Director Challenge website today. This means that you can tap into your creative minds, put together an innovative outfit online, have people vote for you, and you could win.........

a Macy's $500 gift card

How does it work?

1) Log onto

2) Read the style question of the day

3) Answer by selecting your own wardrobe solution from the many choices given. It's simple: cut and paste!

4) Submit your outfit and be SURE to share with friends & family.

5) The person with the most votes at the end of each day wins the $500 Macy's gift card.

In a conversation I had a few weeks ago with Milinda Martin, Macy's VP of Media Relations & Cause Marketing, she explained that the retailer wants people to tap into their playful, more creative side and have "fun with fashion."

It's all about playing with different options to create solutions that are both fashion savvy and representative of who you are.

The site is packed with plenty of options for outfit go and have fun, ladies!

Live in color,