Thursday, December 4, 2008

The next wave of Color My Closet---Operation Retail Shopper!

I'm having lunch tomorrow with two execs from one of the largest department stores in the U.S.! Our meeting is a follow-up to some work I did with them after meeting at a fashion show last year. These savvy business women are open to collaborating on future projects, and the ideas I'll share with them tomorrow can measurably benefit their bottom line!

It's too early to divulge the specifics now, but I'll keep you posted as developments unfold. For now, we're going to call my little plan "Operation Retail Shopper." This plan involves using creativity and innovation to solve customers' main shopping dilemmas and put the fun back into fashion.

My mission here is to help women just like you navigate the scary world of the department store, get the 'warm and fuzzies' while doing it, and actually build an entire wardrobe with the stuff you buy there!

Who knows? You might even hum to the music you hear buzzing in the background as you shop, or get so excited that you break out in song and dance.

Live in color!

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