Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why we do what we do

To my pals in the blogosphere:

2010 is a year for Color My Closet to truly define what we do and why we do it. We have always known what we are about, but this message is not always easy to convey in simple terms for everyone.

We believe first and foremost that every woman should have a color analysis, but why? The "why" is what potential clients want to know about.

Why color? Color analysis was popularized decades ago but lost its appeal somehow. People bored of hearing about the 4 color categories, or seasons. Like other trends, color came and went.

This generation of young women doesn't even know what color analysis is, much less why color is so important.

We witness some miraculous things every time we perform a color analysis on a client. This affirms what we know about color and its importance.

So after much rambling, here it is.....why color is so important:

1) You physically feel better in your best colors

2) People react more favorably to you when you are wearing them

3) You make a much better first impression on others when colors harmonize with skin

4) Knowing your colors simplifies your shopping (never again do you buy the wrong lipstick or shirt color)

5) Your skin looks glowing and smoothed in the right colors

6) The WRONG color can make you look 10 years older, and skin look sickly

7) The WRONG color can visually add 10-15 pounds

8) Teeth appear whiter in the right colors

9) Your eyes sparkle in your best colors

10) Your whole wardrobe mixes & matches perfectly when you know your color palette

11) Getting dressed in the morning becomes fun, not tedious

12) Everyone and his grandmother will give compliments when you wear your colors!

13) Studies show that color accounts for up to 90% of our total look

14) The science of color has evolved to include 12 (not just 4) color categories to more fully encompass the full range of skin tones found in all ethnicities

15) No amount of plastic surgery, skincare serums, or Botox can reverse the awful effects of wearing the wrong colors!

If you have any questions about color analysis, please email us at colormycloset@prodigy.net. We are here to educate you on color and how valuable it is to your life and appearance.

Live in color!

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