Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New intern Allen to begin blogging "Color from a Dude's Perspective"

Hey everyone of Color My Closet!

I’d like to introduce myself. I’m the new intern, Allen Salinas. Just to give you a little background on myself, I’m a 29 year old single male. I am a swim coach on a nationally recognized swim team in the Northwest Houston Area.

You may be asking yourself: Why would a young, very attractive hetero male like me get involved with Color My Closet? The answer is quite simple: the women of course! No, I’m just kidding, well only half kidding :).

Now, my knowledge of fashion and most specifically color is limited (I wear a red Speedo for goodness sake), but I am always eager to learn skills that may enhance my own worth to the opposite sex. Though I’m dashingly handsome, I hope to learn to use color to further enhance my image, as well as the image of that very necessary accessory on my arm—a girlfriend.

In my search for love, I hope to find a woman who is up with fashion, color, and style. If I for my part can help her out with these things, then I think she’d find me to be more than just a great face with a rockin’ bod.

So join me on my exploration of color and I’ll give you a dude’s perspective that can ultimately help all of us—male and female—on our individual style journeys.

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