Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Color for me as easy as 1-2-3

Today Color My Closet was featured on Houston's daily TV show Great Day Houston. We discussed how adding color to your wardrobe really makes a 10 pound, 10 year difference.See video link below:

What we forgot to mention were the top 3 tips for adding color to your closet. Please see below for our easy, breezy top 3 tips:

1) Reconsider your neutrals. Black and white are not your only choices. Some women look better in soft whites or creams, greys and taupes, and deep brown, navy or charcoal.

2) Begin by adding only 2 to 3 colors to your wardrobe. That way you won't feel overwhelmed. What colors will you choose? It is best to look to colors that you've always been complimented on.

3) Follow our 2-1 rule: use 2 colors & 1 neutral together, or 2 neutrals & 1 color.

Live in color!



seenatsave said...

This video was a lot of fun to watch. I'm also guilty of wearing too much black. Thanks for the great tips!
-Natalie from Shop It To Me

Color My Closet said...

Natalie, glad you liked the video. Most of us fall back on black too much!Live in color, Lauren