Saturday, July 25, 2009

The jumpsuit: too trendy or just right?

The above image is one of yours truly---yes, it is I! After loving the black jumpsuits I saw in magazines, I decided to buy one for myself. It is touted as the latest trend, but I see it as something with staying power.

For me, here's how I made the jumpsuit work:

1) Resist temptation to overaccessorize--I adore tons of accessories, but the jumpsuit is statement enough. I kept earrings very small, put on a fedora for some sass, and used two long necklaces to break up the solid line of the jumpsuit.

2) Nip in the waist with a belt

3) Create some height with my 4 1/2 inch platform sandals

4) Walk like I own the world

5) Resist my obvious urge to add lots of color to the look (it's rare for me, the Color Ambassador, to walk out of the house without color)

6) Smile a lot because I'm right on trend!

Moving into the fall I will continue to use my jumpsuit by pairing it with a jacket of some sort, or a cardiwrap. This is a versatile piece, and I like that it can be dressed up or down.

Live in color!


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