Thursday, February 4, 2010

Behind the scenes on our latest TV shoot

We've been enjoying a nice relationship with the good folks at ABC Live Well HD network's show Mirror/Mirror. This means that we pitch a lot of ideas to them, they ask us to present topics of their choice, etc.

Yesterday I was on location at Macy's Galleria on Sage to tape our 2 latest segments. Now, I cannot spill the beans on the details of the segments, as they have yet to air.

Let me say that each segment covers the topic of certain colors and how to wear them. We had the privilege of working with 5 fantastic models yesterday.

Karen is both stay-at-home mom and part-time business owner. Her industry is scrapbooking!

Amy is also a stay-at-home mom with a quick wit that tells me she may in fact be a member of the elite MENSA group (we'd have to ask her to verify :)...she was a kick to work with)

Vanessa is a student in Houston, Texas, and she is studying Fashion Merchandising if I recall correctly...

Jennifer works as an Assistant Manager of an upscale apartment high-rise in Houston. As our lone redhead on set, Jennifer made her modeling debut and now there's no turning back.

Shandolyn is a buddy of mine who has worked in various aspects of fashion, marketing and event promotions. She was rockin' out all of the looks we put on her.

Big thanks also to Andrea Bonner, stylist/owner of Style On Demand, for helping me behind the scenes.

And last---but never least---are my friends at Macy's. Not only did they provide all of the merchandise as well as locale, but they also provided beautiful gift bags and Macy's Money for my models. Thank you, MACY'S....we love you!

Live in color,


Maria Killam said...

I have hired an expert like you to help me with styling my clothes!! Hey I hit follow, did it work? It didn't seem to! How is the TV world? Glamourous like we think it is?

Color My Closet said...

Maria, yes I received your post here. Thank you for responding. I'm glad that you have a clothing stylist....I probably need someone like you to style my home! TV is a great way to get the word out--especially since w/ color seeing is believing. Glamorous....not so much, as there's a ton of behind the scenes stuff that I have to do to make the models look put together.

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