Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I cannot color analyze you at first sight...and here's why!

To continue our introduction from yesterday, we are discussing why I--the professionally trained color analyst--cannot simply look at a woman to determine her tone/season/color category.

Here are the top 5 reasons why this can't happen at first sight:

1) You color treat your hair. About 90% of you gals out there color treat your hair in some way. This means that you are altering the look of your skin just by shifting your natural hair color around. An accurate analysis requires that we cover your hair up with a neutral grey cap, so that the hair color doesn't interfere with the process.

2) You are wearing makeup when you ask me this question. Makeup is designed to mask imperfections and smooth out skin tone. We need to see the face without makeup in order to measure the different optical effects that various colors have on the skin.

3) The colors that you are wearing now alter the look of your skin completely, rendering it impossible to conclude anything definite regarding your color category. We do color analysis by asking you to first put on a neutral grey drape, or gown, to keep the focus purely on your face...and what various colored drapes do to the look of your skin.

4) We're sitting across from each other in a poorly lit room. The ONLY way to accurately analyze a person is in daylight, or full spectrum lighting (there are special lightbulbs for this purpose). This enables us to see the full variance of colors and better see their effects against the skin.

5) You use a self-tanner and thus alter the look of your own skin. Artificial self-tanners can render an analysis inaccurate, because they do not produce a natural, sun produced tan. We ask that you cease using self-tanners for at least one week prior to the color consultation.

I hope that this helps, and that folks don't get offended when I explain that I cannot color analyze them on the spot.

Live in color!



Donna Cognac said...

Great explanation Lauren. I get this question a lot myself. I encourage anyone who has been 'color analyzed' at a makeup counter or by any non-color professional to consider getting it done right. The one time investment for this service will pay for itself many times over in dollars saved and increased confidence.

Donna Cognac, AICI, CIP
Color Consultant/Trainier for 25 year..... and I still can't guarantee an accurate determination of type without going through the professional analysis process

Color My Closet said...

Donna, thank you so much for the post. I am excited to connect here with you via my blog. Please stay in touch! Sincerely, Lauren