Friday, April 24, 2009

Why add color?

Color is everywhere. It evokes an immediate response, be it positive or negative, from all who view it. The colors we adorn ourselves with matter, and here are my top 10 reasons why you should incorporate more of it in your wardrobe:

1) Color makes up to 90% of that vital first impression for us
2) Color adds interest and character to the neutrals in our wardrobe
3) Color makes us feel better and more confident
4) The right colors make us appear well rested and healthy
5) Our skintone appears more even and luminous, while flaws and imperfections are minimized
6) We appear 10 pounds slimmer when wearing the right colors
7) The right colors visually brighten our teeth and eyes
8) Fine lines and wrinkles are minimized when we wear the right colors
9) Others are more attracted to us when we wear color
10) We appear more 'put together' in color

Live in color!

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