Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New twitter friends at WorkChic

Ladies, I am on twitter now....for business purposes. Truly I am trying to establish more camaraderie with other people in the worlds of color, fashion, and beauty. It's a good tool, though all this technology overwhelms me at times, and I've 'met' some interesting tweeps (people who twitter) out there.

One such group is WorkChic. I highly encourage you working ladies to check out their website. It is packed with actual advice...everything from putting together professional yet stylish ensembles to how to tie a scarf to breaking out of a color rut. They also feature sections on business casual, that often ambiguous area that leaves room for lots of mistakes! You will also find merchandise there at great deals. All has been hand picked with the working gal in mind.

I am so impressed with the site that I'm recommending it to you. You will be pleasantly surprised with their fab content. You can find them at www.workchic.com

Live in color!


melissa said...

Thanks for your wonderful post on us! We have awarded with the Attitude of Gratitude Award. You can find it on this link below:

Color My Closet said...

Friends at WorkChic: thanks for the shout out! I posted about you b/c I believe that you are really helping business women everywhere to express their style on the job :)