Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fun facts about color

Here are some fun facts about color:

Color is not seen in an object. No, that object merely serves as a reflector of light, light that filters through your eyes to the brain, where that light is interpreted by your brain as color.

The color pink is used in prisons to subdue inmates. When an inmate is being particularly violent or unruly, he can be placed in a room that is painted a very soft pink. His pulse immediately slows, and he will immediately calm down.

Red is a power color and one universally favored by men to be worn on women. When men see a woman dressed in red, she becomes 30% or so more attractive to them. I read this stat somewhere recently...take my word on it, okay?

People size us up within 90 seconds, and their first impression of us is based predominantly upon the colors we are wearing. In fact, color alone accounts for between 62 and 90% of that vital first impression.

Some argue that black is not a color, that it is absence of color. I disagree, especially when we try to match different black garments in the store. Look at all the shades that exist.

Yellow and orange are not recommended as great paint colors for home kitchens, as they reportedly stimulate our appetites. kitchen is painted in yellow....oops!

Blue is the most universally preferred color by all adults around the world.

Live in color!

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