Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why nobody looks right in clothes

Here is statistic that I'll bet you did not know: Less than 1% of women look good in store bought clothing. Do you know why this is?

Store bought clothing, or ready-to-wear apparel, is manufactured to a perfectly proportioned standard of a women who is 8 equal head lengths in height. In other words, her bone structure is perfectly proportioned. Nothing needs to be altered on her. Her legs are the perfect length in proportion to her torso and so forth.

What do the other 99% of us women do? Do we cry, throw a tantrum in the fitting rooms, or write vicious letters to clothing manufacturers? No, ladies, we are above all of that.

Here's what we do. We give thanks to the good Lord for making us unique, with bone structure that is all our own. We give thanks that clothing manufacturers are now able to give us millions upon millions of clothing options due to this universal standard of a fit model.

We recognize that if a garment fits our coloring, style and overall body type requirements, then we can simply have it altered to our unique bone structure. This is after all what women in past generations did. Everything they wore was tailored to their specifications.

I always tell clients to factor alterations in as a portion of their clothing budgets. The right tailoring can visually slenderize you by 10-15 pounds in an instant....with no dieting!

So there is NOTHING wrong with you ladies if the pants or sleeves fall too long or too short on you. It's not's the clothing! Make the clothing work for you, not the other way around.

Live in color!

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