Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring clean your wardrobe

We have officially sprung forward, ladies, so it's time to spring clean those wardrobes! Here are some things to do not only to preserve your fall/winter wardrobes, but to get ready for the colorful spring and summer ahead.

1) Set aside the heavier winter fabrics and darker colors.
2) Get rid of those winter garments that are worn or tattered. They don't deserve you anymore!
3) Be sure to dry clean and properly store the other winter garments. They will be fresh and ready for you next fall.
4) Evaluate your lighter weight and seasonless fabrics. If there is anything there that is worn, tattered or out of date, toss it...and you know why!
5) Be sure that you have the basic spring and summer neutrals like: white denim, linen pants, white lightweight Ts and gauzy shirts, and other neutral colors like khaki, grey or taupe. Navy is a great alternative to black for the spring and summer.
6) Pick 3-4 new colors you'd like to add in for spring. I suggest finding your best red, turquoise, pink or coral, and green. Buy a few tops and accessories in those colors.
7) Go out and find yourself a pretty dress in one of the colors. While you could certainly go and buy up a cute print, a solid color is far more versatile.
8) Check out your makeup bag. Set aside the rich, darker hues in favor of the lighter, more lively colors.
9) Buy yourself one statement piece of jewelry in a stone like turquoise.
10) This has nothing to do with wardrobe, but get yourself some new highlights to coordinate better with your lighter, fresher wardrobe.

Live in color!

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