Friday, March 13, 2009

How to calculate your fashion common denominators

No, I am not a mathematician but I do have an accounting degree. Isn't that crazy? Here I am in this very creative, free thinking field of color and fashion with an accounting degree. Frankly, I enjoying employing both skills in my work, because I always seek to create logical ways for women to take image into their own hands.

Here's my latest logical tip for cultivating your signature style: find your fashion common denominators. What is a fashion common denominator? It is simply the characteristics that your clothing and accessories have in common. In my case, my common denominators are color, strong patterns, geometric or sharp lines, and florals.

Here's how to find your common denominators. Take 2-3 fashion magazines and cut out as many pictures as you can--pictures that catch your eye. There doesn't have to be any logic to it at this point. Simply cut out the pictures that inspire they jewelry ads or models wearing Chanel.

Once you've done the cutting, paste those pictures onto some posterboard, collage style. Next to each photo, describe what specifically you like about it. Focus on why you like the piece.

Once you've labeled each picture, go around looking for words you've used consistently. Those words will help you determine your style patterns and tastes. They are your fashion common denominators, the constants that you should continue to shop for.

Try this experiment and let me know what you think.

Live in color!


Colour Me Happy said...

That's an interesting way of determining which patterns to look out for. Thanks!

Color My Closet said...

You are so welcome!

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