Monday, March 9, 2009

How to get the flawless face without tons of makeup

Three days a week I'm in full glam mode, but the other four days I don't feel like putting on makeup. Instead of going out totally bare faced, I choose to do the 'non makeup' look. Here are my tricks for looking totally fresh and natural:

1) Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, protect with high SPF, hydrate like crazy...that's a given!

2) Illuminate. I use a skin illuminator that can be worn alone or mixed with foundations and tinted moisturizers. This creates that bronzy glow. My favorite illuminating product is by Senegence

3) Brighten. I use a facial highlighting pen by Mary Kay. This product is applied to forehead lines, the inside and outside corners below the eyes, and on any deep, recessed areas of the face. This products visually lifts those darkened, shadowy areas and acts to visually rejuvenate the face. Its does for the face what teeth whiteners do for the teeth.

4) Hint of tint. I use a tinted moisturizer by Mary Kay, though the best on the market is by Laura Mercier. I only apply the tint to areas of my face that have blemishes, like the nose and chin.

5) Powder up. There are so many great mineral makeups on the market today. You can buy high or low end, and they create a very natural, non-makeup look for the skin.

6) Conceal. I use concealer in one shade lighter than my natural skin tone. Both Mary Kay and Laura Mercier make nice, creamy concealers that don't settle into fine lines.

7) Lashify! I love to put one coat of mascara on upper lashes only. It really does wake up the eye.

8) Glossify! Dabbing some clear or slightly tinted gloss brings the rest of the face to life.

9) Colorize! I always....always....always use color around my face with a scarf, piece of jewelry or t-shirt. It instantly lifts the face, minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, and imperfections, and brightens your whole look.

In effect, you walk out of the house looking put together but not all glammed out.

Live in color!

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