Sunday, January 4, 2009

Got color? Got job security

Job security is on everyone's minds these days, and the thought of losing one's job, revamping a resume, and going back out on job interviews distresses most people. Have you ever thought about how to ensure job security, though? It extends far beyond technical abilities, continuing education coursework, reaching quota, meeting deadlines, working well under pressure, and dealing with interoffice politics.

One crucial way to safeguard your job is to pay close attention to your external appearance. This involves not only dressing the part, but also dressing in the right colors. Color accounts for up to 90% of that vital first impression, and it evokes an immediate response from others--be it positive or negative.

Why is color so vital to your job security?

You look competent in the part--When you wear your correct colors, you look more polished, professional, and put together. You look like you belong in the position you currently hold or--better yet--are poised to land that great promotion.

You set yourself apart from the competition--Very few people pay attention to their color choices because they don't understand how integral color is to their look. You can immediately gain a competitive edge over coworkers or other job applicants by wearing your best colors always.

You garner more respect and trust in the workplace--Studies have shown that when people wear the wrong colors, others are put off and find it difficult to listen to or trust them. The opposite is true for those who wear their right colors, as others both listen more intently and are more drawn to them.

You control your image rather than have it control you--When you wear your best colors, you can better control how others perceive you. You can also begin to understand how to use color to evoke certain emotions and send clearer messages in the workplace.

You exude more confidence--Wearing your colors not only impacts others positively, but it also makes you feel more confident and put together. We all know that a confident employee or job applicant fares better than a person who is insecure about his or her appearance.

Got COLOR? Then you got JOB SECURITY!

Live in color,


Colour Me Happy said...

I just found your blog through my 'google alerts' and your content is really good. One tip I thought I'd throw your way is to include images in your posts! There's a great program called 'snag-it'. It's a capture tool that allows you to snag photos that you can't normally copy and as long as you put a link on where you got it from, you can include it in your blog. I would love to see some examples of exactly what kind of fashion you are describing!! Some images would make your blog that much more fab!! Great posts!

Color My Closet said...

Thank you so much, Colour Me Happy! I think that's a great tip that I'll certainly use in the future. Happy New Year to you!

Colour Me Happy said...

Hi there!
Hey, thanks for your comment. Saw your photo on this post (hope you don't mind my advice) flickr is where you need to be so you don't have to worry about the x's on the images you get from getty, etc.
Great photos you've inserted now!