Thursday, January 29, 2009

How do you feel in your clothes?

It doesn't matter if you wear the latest trend or most expensive garment--if you don't feel comfortable in the outfit, then you'll be fidgety and won't wear it well or look your best. It will have been a wasted purchase--perhaps one that just hangs in your closet for years.

When you feel comfortable in a garment, you exude confidence and appear more attractive. You 'wear' the clothing instead of having it 'wear' you. Let's look at 3 simple steps to making sure you feel comfortable in your wardrobe:

1) Do you love it? If you would wear the garment over and over again, and find yourself grabbing for it routinely, then you love it. If you hesitate before putting it on, then you don't love it and should get rid of it.

2) Does it fit properly? This seems rather obvious, but I see so many women pulling up their pants or fidgeting with a dress collar because of ill fit. Be sure that your garment skims (not clings to) the right places, and that you have it altered for your body type.

3) Does the fabric feel good on my body? Fabric makes a difference on so many levels. Most importantly, the right fabric feels like a second skin, and you don't feel itchy or uncomfortable when wearing it. If anything about a fabric bothers you, then ditch the garment in favor of one that feels nicer to wear.

Live in color!


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