Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year New You

Happy New Year 2009! Let's chat about New Year's resolutions. Most of us set them but falter and lose hope after just 30 days. Scores of articles are written about why we don't keep resolutions or how we can better follow through on them.

Here is my month-by-month, easy-to-follow guide to improving your appearance in 2009. This is one resolution you'll want to keep!

January--Sift through your wardrobe and get rid of things that are old, tattered, ill fitting, or that you haven't worn in over 2 years.

February--Pull out 5 favorite pieces from your closet and make a list of pieces that you can add to them--i.e. accessories, jackets, new shoes, etc.

March--Focus on color. Think back to the colors you've always enjoyed wearing or gotten compliments more of these colors!

April--Consider a new hair style, even if it's just getting highlights or creating new bangs.

May--Revamp your cosmetics palette. Summer is around the corner and our skin color generally bronzes slightly.

June--Buy 2 pairs of white jeans--one for heels and another for flats. This is by far the most versatile and figure flattering item in your summer wardrobe.

July--Try some of the great self-tanners out there, or even go to the salon for a spray-on tan. They can look very natural!

August--Save your dollars for cashmere this winter.......set a goal to buy 1 cashmere piece each season in a fun new color.

September--Time to change cosmetics again. Pick some new lipstick and nail shades.

October--Buy some fun accessories for winter--funky hats, scarves, and gloves.

November--Shop early for holiday party attire. Get yourself a fab pair of evening heels, sparkly earrings and/or necklace, fab handbag, and coat or throw.

December--Buy that cashmere you've been wanting--on sale!

Live in color!

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