Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's your fashion personality?

Your fashion personality is all about clothing styles, makeup, hair, and accessories. It dictates where you shop and how you mix and match clothing. It has to do with texture, color, and what you naturally gravitate towards.

There are 4 basic fashion personalities, though infinite variations exist due to our uniqueness. Each of us also has a primary and secondary fashion personality, so we tend to blend elements of at least 2 basic fashion styles.

The Natural

Naturals prefer minimal makeup and jewelry with basic, no-fuss hairstyles. They do not tend to embrace trends but prefer basic, easy-to-wear pieces that lend a casual air. The natural woman values comfort and simplicity, and she will often buy the same garment in a few basic colors. As for color, the natural woman opts for neutrals and one or two colors in her palette.

Jennifer Aniston the Natural

The Classic

Classics dress in pieces that are well-tailored and can stand the test of time. They are not slaves to trends but incorporate new looks and colors sparingly. A Classic's hair and makeup will be timeless with a bit of edginess to express individuality. What sets the Classic apart, though, is her ability to build a wardrobe that looks stylish for years to come.

Kristin Davis the Classic

The Romantic

The Romantic is a woman who showcases her femininity with soft, flowing hair, shimmery makeup, and clothing that has embellishments, texture and a bohemian flair. That Romantic flair can be expressed in a frilly way with bows and lace embellishments, or in a bohemian chic way with vintage shirts, vests, and flowing skirts. What distinguishes the Romantic is how she wears things that feel good and bring out her femininity.

Kate Hudson the Romantic
The Dramatic

Many celebrities and rock stars fall into this category. The Bold or Dramatic woman embraces virtually every trend. Many women have elements of Dramatic in their wardrobe but have another primary fashion personality. The Dramatic is all about fashion evolution with her edgy haircuts, bold makeup, and uber-trendy looks. She dresses fearlessly and wants to stand out in a crowd.

Rihanna the Dramatic

Again, there are so many variations on these basic four fashion personalities due to the complexity of women. If you would like to take an online quiz from Color My Closet to determine your primary and secondary fashion personality, then please email

For a nominal fee, we can discuss the results to determine where you should shop and what looks are right for you this season!

Live in color!


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