Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fashion Fit Formula

How does off-the-rack clothing fit you? Do you have to hem pants, adjust sleeves, nip fabric in at the waist, or not buy some pieces because they fall at the wrong places on you? Take heart--you are not alone. Less than 1% of all women fit properly into store bought apparel.

Why don't clothes fit us right? The answer is simple: The retail industry mass produces clothing, manufacturing it to a perfectly proportionate standard of 8 equal head lengths. The good news is that we have access to all kinds of clothing thanks to mass production. The bad news is that no one measures up to that perfectly proportionate ideal due to our unique bone structure.

Speaking of bone structure, I'd like to introduce you to a revolutionary tool called the Fashion Fit Formula http://www.fashionfitformula.com/. It is an indispensable tool in my wardrobe business, one which teaches women their ideal clothing and accessory lengths down to 1/8 of an inch in accuracy.
1/8 of an inch in accuracy--can you imagine? The Fashion Fit Formula provides your ideal necklines, sleeve lengths, and short, skirt, Capris, dress, and even coat and jacket lengths. The beauty of this tool is that you can apply it to clothing hanging right now in your closet. In fact, when the formula is applied to new and existing clothing, you appear perfectly proportionate lengthwise and 10 to 15 pounds slimmer!!

You read me right--10 to 15 pounds slimmer with just a nip and tuck of fabric. See some before and after pics for proof:

Our client here was covering her plus-sized frame with loose and long garments. You see that by hemming both the skirt and jacket, she appears at least 20 pounds more slenderized. We also brought the sleeves up to an ideal length and added a soft scarf at her ideal neckline point. Immediately slenderized!

On this model, the scarf on the left was adding bulk and cutting her off at the neckline. The scarf was then tucked in and placed at her ideal neckline point, opening up that area and visually slenderizing her face. The skirt was hemmed up to create more proportion for her, and the jacket pockets were folded inside to slenderize the hip area.

The Fashion Fit Formula is such a fantastic tool that wardrobe consultants like myself here in the U.S. and Canada offer this directly to clients. It lasts a lifetime because your bone structure remains constant throughout life--even when weight fluctuates.
Live in color!


Colour Me Happy said...

That is very interesting, the before's and after's are so striking! And I love your website, it's gorgeous!
Thanks for that link you sent me, I teach my students colour mixing as well but her education is very impressive!

Color My Closet said...

Well, you are already a color expert...that's right...I saw that you teach color at the college level.

I plan to take this course in March as part of my continuing education.

Talk soon!