Friday, January 23, 2009

That one special outfit!

Just came from a fab wardrobe consultation in which we got rid of 80% of my client's wardrobe, and she didn't whine, whimper, cry or throw a tantrum. In fact, she felt relieved and looked happier and happier as we dwindled her wardrobe down to next to nothing!

Here's the thing, though.....we were able to create around 10 new outfit ensembles with 4 simple garments and a few tops we held onto because of their color, embellishment or flair. We had soooooo much fun, because it's always better to have a few great pieces than a whole lot of nothing great.

The truth is that we could have kept going, creating even more ensembles. There was enough left in my client's wardrobe to play with and create many more fun, unique looks.

Stay posted because I'm going to ask my client if we can post a couple of 'before' and 'after' photos. My fave piece we kept is her pant suit. It fits perfectly and is just the right shade of white.

For my client, the white pants suit is that one special outfit! She can wear it for job interviews, date nights, girls' nights out, and on the job.

Live in color!

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Colour Me Happy said...

I look forward to seeing the transformation! When I hired someone to pick my colours and discovered I was a 'summer' (about time since I am in the colour business) it transformed my wardrobe. I went from wearing black/brown/beige/white to soft pinks, periwinkle blues and lavenders. I'll never give up those colours but it really makes a difference to know which colours look good on you! I think everyone should hire a professional in this area at least once!