Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter coats and boots

Now is the time of year to great deals on winter coats and boots. Department stores and retailers like Burlington Coat Factory have begun to deeply discount these items. You may wonder what kind of coats and boots are worth buying right now.

Check out your coat closet first. Ideally, you should have 2 trench coats (one neutral and one a color or print), a casual short coat, a versatile mid length, and a dressy coat for special occasions.

As for boots, it's good to have 3 pairs: ankle boots in a neutral like brown or black, tall black boots and tall nude colored boots. The nude color may be harder to find.
Live in color!


Colour Me Happy said...

I'm curious why one would buy a 'nude' coloured boot. Interesting.

Color My Closet said...

Hey there! The nude color just goes with so much, and it visually lengthens the look of the leg. The best 'nude' is one that almost identically matches your skin tone.