Thursday, January 22, 2009

The power of color analysis

Recently a new client drove over 4 hours to see me for a color analysis. Not everyone is willing to do this, of course, but this lady understands the value in what we do at Color My Closet. She understands the difference that the right colors can make for her personally and professionally. Here below I've pasted the contents of an email she sent following our color analysis:

Dear Lauren,

You know I have had my colors analyzed 3 times previously in my life, and none of those even compares to my experience with you on Saturday. You were so warm & set both my sister and me at complete ease. You explained things so well, so that we could see what you were seeing in the mirror when you analyzed the colors. Finally, the way you analyzed my coloring left no doubt at all in my mind or my sister's as to my season so that I feel completely confident now regarding choosing the best colors for myclothes & makeup - two areas where I always felt rather overwhelmed with the choices & always felt like I was choosing the wrong things. I'm truly excited to build my wardrobe now, rather than dreading it.

Color analysis is a tool we use to make women look rejuvenated, slenderized by 10-15 pounds, more put together, professional, and just downright awesome!

Live in color!

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