Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Using wardrobe to boost self-esteem

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said, "Hey, I love what I see here!"? Probably hasn't happened in awhile. Many grown-up women focus solely on their perceived flaws and have an unbalanced self-esteem, a product of the teenage years I suppose. I see this all the time as a wardrobe consultant. So many women lament over heavy bottoms, flabby arms, or poochy stomachs. They complain about droopy eyes and large foreheads, all the while missing out on their fascinating beauty. And, yes, I see fascinating beauty in all women every day!

What if women shifted their thinking by shifting their wardrobe? Instead of buying pants to minimize the look of their derriere, what if they bought those great new earrings to highlight their cheekbones and eye color? What if they busied themselves with shopping for their assets instead of shopping around their perceived flaws?

This is all fine and dandy, but many women are so self-deprecating that they haven't taken time to assess their beauty and best features. I encourage you ladies to list your top 5 best features, and even more for that matter. If you have trouble, ask your spouse, significant other, best friend, sister, or mother. They all see your beauty daily and can attest to it!

Live in color!

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