Saturday, February 14, 2009

The allure of accessories

Ladies, do you love accessories as much as I do? Have you ever gone out and bought accessories without even giving consideration to what outfit you'd pair them with? I do this regularly and thus never spend too much on my accessories unless the piece is something I'd wear for many years to come.

My favorite place to shop for inexpensive accessories is Target. They always deliver on the latest, most colorful, and most exotic pieces at extremely affordable prices. Additionally, check out Forever 21 for up-to-the-minute trends on the cheap. While Forever 21 caters to the teen and 20s set, many of their accessories are appropriate for all ages.

Live in color!


Colour Me Happy said...

I love accessories and have a ton of scarves I buy and then don't wear. Lately I've decided that the only way to get to wear one is to pull one out and then design an outfit around that. What do you think? I would love a lesson on wearing scarves. Your blog is looking good!

Color My Closet said...

I agree that pulling out accessories like scarves and designing outfits around them is a great thing to do! If you have a ton of scarves, then one easy way to wear them is with a nice white T and jeans. I am going to post a video this week about the different ways to wear a scarf, and will include it on my blog. Thanks for the comments :)