Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What if this Spring's bold hues don't suit you?

What do you do this Spring if the bold and vivid colors aren't in synch with your personal coloring? As a professional color and wardrobe consultant, I can tell you that there are ways to work around this dilemma. Here are some helpful tips:

1) Hold off on buying up a bunch of pieces just because they are 'in style.' It is far better to wait until your colors come back into season than to buy colors that are wrong. Wrong colors will age you by visually dragging your face down and accentuating fine lines and wrinkles. They also visually add 10-15 pounds to your frame!

2) Take this time to buy up those neutral wardrobe investment pieces. Everyone has a good light, medium and dark neutral that works for her. For me as a Bright Winter, it's pure white, medium silvery grey and ebony. Get your colors done for sure to determine your best neutrals.

3) If pastels and other muted tones look best on you, but you cannot find your colors, then infuse color with accessories. Stone jewelry is a good choice because you'll find it in various hues. Take turquoise for example--you can find it in very light colors, as well as vivid and dark hues.

4) Invest in your cosmetics. You can immediately add vibrancy to your look with new blush and lipstick, as well as by experimenting with different eyeshadow and liner colors.

5) Update your denim and buy some high quality in several styles that are figure flattering.

6) If you must buy the new 'it' color, then buy it cheap in the form of accessories or a top. Always wear your best colors surrounding it, though, and make sure that your wrong color is not the focal point of the outfit.

Live in color!

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