Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Create a visual eye lift with cosmetics


I have a confession to eyes droop a little on top. Well, first of all, they are deep set, and then my lids are starting to hover over my eyes a little. Do I worry about this? NO way....there are bigger fish to know what I mean?
I do, however, enjoy discovering tricks to visually lift my eyes upward towards the heavens, because they just look better that way. For any of you out there with eyes that have started to sag, these tips are for you:
1) Groom your brows to draw attention upward. There are fantastically cheap brow gels out there that do the trick, or you can spray a bit of hair spray onto your brow brush, then brush brows immediately. Cover Girl's Define-A-Brow gel COST = $6.00
2) Apply lengthening mascara onto the upper lashes only, focusing especially on the outer lashes. There is NOTHING better than this to visually lift the eye. Approximate COST = $10.00

3) Use a light, illuminating eyeshadow up along the brow bone. Avoid anything too sparkly. Matte formulas are most age appropriate. Laura Mercier's Matte Eye Colours COST = $22.00

I like the shade of Morning Dew, which is a light neutral pink

4) My favorite trick of all is to use a heated eyelash curler. Another image consultant in town introduced me to the Japonesque brand, which can be found at ULTA. Use the heated curler after mascara application. It sets the mascara and lashes in high position for the whole day! Approximate COST = $18.00

5) My last trick sounds great in theory, and I've seen it done very well on mature women. This trick is something I've yet to master but will one day! It is false eyelashes, the individual ones that you can apply to the outer edges only. These lashes can be found at any drugstore, though I am told MAC Cosmetics counters specialize in lash application.
If I did my math correctly, the non-surgical eyelift only costs $56. You are totally worth it!

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madison said...

Love all your tips..Printed out the list. Do you know a good eyeshadow base so eyeshadows last?

Also, I tried those wand curlers to no luck and the best I have found is the Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler by far! Best for opening my eyes and making them 5X larger. The gold curler works great once the pad warmed. I get amazing curly, curly long eyelashes.

Love your brow tricks..
Thanks for this site

Color My Closet said...

Hello blog friend!

I appreciate your comments. As for eyeshadow bases, I have personally tried Mary Kay's eyeshadow primer with some success. Also, using concealer as an eyeshadow base works for me. Laura Mercier makes great products in general, so you could try her line. You can also use mineral powder on the lids as a base.

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Best regards!