Friday, February 20, 2009

The color orange

It is said that the color orange is huge for Spring. You will see it everywhere, on product packaging, home accessories, paint colors and fashion. What is so great about the color orange, though? Surprisingly, few people are drawn to orange in its purest form or hue. It is orange in its various tints and shades that attracts people. Tints such as peach, coral, salmon and melon are most appealing, and translate well into fashion. The color orange is associated with freedom, independence, optimism and exuberance towards life. No wonder the color works well for people during all this tough recession talk!

What other colors can be combined with orange? Here are some combos I really like: Orange and pink, orange and royal blue, orange and turquoise, orange and white, orange and tan, orange and red, or orange and magenta.

Live in color!

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