Sunday, February 22, 2009

The sublime yet shockingly powerful effect of fashion ads

I experienced something so interesting last night, something that really surprised me. I always thought that I was relatively unaffected by the quantity....and it is large....of fashion and beauty ads I come across daily.
Yet yesterday I found myself doing something extremely out of character. As I was experimenting with all the ways I could wear my new yellow scarf, I found myself making a head scarf out of it, knotting it in the back, and pulling on some hoop earrings. Never in my life have I worn a head scarf, and this look I suddenly created was brilliant. It looked like some exotic African princess! I decided then and there that I was going to rock this look over the spring and summer.
All day I kept trying to figure out why I stumbled upon that idea in the first place. After all, I was merely working with a large scarf around my neck. It dawned on me as I was re-reading the latest edition of my Vanity Fair magazine.

Smack dab in one of the ads for Banana Republic was this beautiful woman of color, a musician I believe, wearing a gorgeous silky looking head scarf. Somehow I was captivated by it and didn't even realize it until I recreated the look all on my own.
Fashion ads really do guide behavior, much more than I realized.
Live in color!

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