Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Color combinations

Did you know that color combinations matter just as much as or more than the individual colors we wear? In a book entitled Understanding Your Color--A Guide to Personal Analysis, written by my mentor Kathryn Kalisz, there is a section on the optical effects of harmonizing colors. You can check out more about Kathryn's work with color at http://www.sci-art-global.com/.

To quote Kathryn, "Colors in harmony with a skin tone bring life and vitality to a person's coloring." Furthermore, harmonizing color combinations are able to find each other so to speak, and they always cause an almost breathtaking effect on those who view the colors.

Harmonious colors create a youthful glow to the skin, as well as a visual face lift. They impart a look of health and vitality to the skin, brightening both eyes and the whites of teeth in the process.

Think about a beautiful painting or other piece of art. The colors all work together to create a visually appealing experience. The same holds true for the colors that we wear every day. Harmonious colors intensify and strengthen each other, creating a more put together and visually pleasing look for us all. They also make wardrobe and accessories planning simple.

Live in color!

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