Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wardrobe ideas for Amy

Part of my duties as a color and wardrobe consultant are to give my clients inspiration and ideas, so that we can plan their wardrobe together. I am posting several items here for one of my clients who lives out of state. She is planning a trip to Mexico in a month and is looking to pull a mini-wardrobe together. Understanding her fashion personality and body type, I have selected some preliminary clothing for her to consider. Once I get feedback on my wardrobe ideas for Amy, we can fine tune the list and set a shopping plan. How exciting!! I want to go to Mexico, too! For Amy, I'm going to recommend the following colors: bright white, vivid turquoise, cobalt blue, purple, bright teal green, her True Winter bright yellow, and bright purple.

The pieces I recommend are:

1 patterned maxidress to do double duty, worn over swimwear or for excursions

1 solid colored dress (see the sweater dress above)

1-2 pairs white jeans (bootleg and/or wide leg trousers, or even a linen baggy pant)

1 pair of white or denim Bermuda shorts

1 denim pencil skirt

1 peasant top in a bright solid or a pattern

1 exotic looking tunic

1 shoulder baring top in a solid color

2-3 layering tanks to be worn solo with baggy pants or under some of the tops selected

1 gauzy white button down shirt that is easy and flowing to go over tanks

1 pair of metallic sandals

1 pair of neutral colored espadrilles

1 swimsuit

1 fabulous belt that can be used with dresses and some of the shirts

We'll see what my client thinks :) Stay tuned!

Live in color!

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