Sunday, February 1, 2009

Spring 2009 Top trends Part 2 of 2

Moving on to other Spring 2009 trends:

Embellished boho (see below) is a new trend that is so beautiful because of the use of vibrant and rich colors with interesting fabrics and textures. You'll notice that the look is still somewhat structured and less 'flowy' and bohemian than one might expect.

Pastel colored suits (above left) will also be popular as an alternative to traditional black pantsuits. I'm so relieved to see the lighter, fresher colors coming out now. We will also have color block prints (above right) as on this dress above--which have a bold and strong look about them.

Subtle--yes, subtle--touches of neon will abound for Spring (see picture at left). Not that there is only a fringe of neon showing, so it has a tiny throwback to the 80s.
Sequined daywear is also in, so that those embellishments on an outfit make wearing additional accessories unnecessary.
The cropped military jacket is also a 'go' for Spring, though women who are very short waisted should not choose this look.

Last but not least we are seeing some 80s flair in the way of cropped cuts in clothing and very vivid colors. The key to not overdoing this and looking too dated is to add a boldly colored blazer or one of something else--never overdo this or you'll run the risk of looking clownish.
Live in color!

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