Thursday, February 19, 2009

That one piece of jewelry

Do you have that one piece of jewelry that you are known for? For me, it's the hoop earring. I've been wearing them faithfully ever since my college days. I use hoops to add width and definition to the center of my narrow face. They are timeless yet trendy, casual yet polished and elegant. They come in so many forms, from exotic rounded disks to basic silver to decorative with a bit of hardware. These earrings to the left are classic with a 70s Halston feel. They are certainly an investment piece. I found them on under the description: 14K gold polish oval hoop earrings. $550

The neon pink hoops I found at Forever 21 is a very youth-oriented retailer, but I shop them consistently for trendy tops, handbags, and jewelry. Most earrings are priced below $10.

Also found these fun Grecian looking gold earrings and hammered silver hoops at Forever 21.

Live in color!

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