Saturday, February 21, 2009

What is alluring?

What does it mean to be alluring to you? Is it an attitude, the swagger of your walk, the perfume you wear, the confidence you display, or the clothes you wear? Is it based only on physical beauty, or do other things factor into the mix of what makes a person alluring? Look to the left. The model is covered up but certainly exudes sexiness. Look to the right. This model is very scantily clad...does that necessarily make her more alluring? I don't think so. I am extremely curious to receive feedback here, so please post comments. My opinion is that, as an old college friend once said, "Sexy is an attitude." Interestingly, it's not automatically the most physically beautiful woman in the room who is deemed to be the most alluring. I'm researching this subject out of sheer curiosity.
The gig is up with me, of course, because I am happily married to a very alluring man myself. I'm just curious about the role that internal and external factors have on this concept of being alluring. What do you think?
Live in color!

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