Monday, February 23, 2009

Children and their love of color

When I was first studying color back in the 1980s, I was told that people naturally gravitate toward the colors that look well on them. This is particularly true with children. Children have an inate ability to pick their 'right' colors. I see this in my own home. One of my daughters is raven haired with olive skin and hazel eyes, while my other daughter has blonde hair, fair skin and blue eyes. When I ask them to pick out clothing or crayon colors, they always choose differently. The clothing that my brunette daughter selects is always bold or rich, in red, fuschia, purple, royal blue and black. My blonde daughter prefers the softer pastels in pink, mint, robin's egg blue, and light yellow. Their artwork reflects their color preferences, as well, and I observe the same color combinations used there. This leads me to my other point. Children understand how to mix and match colors----for the most part :)!They pick colors with the same look and feel. My blonde wouldn't mix bold fuchsia with her delicate pastels, for example.

Live in color!

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